The Go 700 is TomTom’s first hard-drive-based GPS system and its natty casing is home to 2.5GB of storage, which pays dividends when abroad, since there’s no cumbersome loading of European maps on the ferry.

This comparatively large memory has the whole European road network stored inside. The Euro mapping is largely faultless and extensive, so you can nip over to gay-Paris for the day and have it navigate you straight through the Arc de Triomphe. We found guidance through one-way systems a bit hit and miss, however, so watch out for less super-keen gendarmes.

Schizophrenic sat-nav

Bluetooth connectivity makes connecting the Go to your mobile child’s play. There’s a massive database of pre-configured settings for different mobile models so, unless you’re at the very vanguard of handset tech, you should have no problem setting up your phone.

Connecting your phone has the bonus of enabling handsfree calling, email, and traffic and weather alerts, although the latter three will all cost you a premium on your mobile bill, and the traffic system’s a bit glitchy and only seems to spot jams when it’s too late.

Introduce the remote to your TomTom and it’ll speak to it in dulcet infrared tones, infiltrating the 700’s inner sanctum and providing you with access to its plentiful extra features. The wisdom of both touchscreen and remote is questionable but then it’s all about options, isn’t it?

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TomTom Go 700 review

Whilst extra mapping is a boon for those who travel overseas regularly, the newest TomTom is uncharacteristically glitchy – a definite try before you buy