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How to choose the right power tools this Autumn

These smart tools make light work of even the toughest tasks

Whether you’re building, fixing or blasting, you know how important it is to have the right tool for the job. For a long time, that meant picking a tool that comes with a cable attached and a three-pin plug on the end of it.

But thanks to innovative design and dramatic improvements in battery technology you no longer need to choose between power and portability. Today’s top power tools deliver the power you need, wherever you need it, and they do it in some very clever ways.

Need a hammer drill? Get a Slammer

Take the Worx WX354 Slammer Active Hammer Drill. Its power and flexibility means you don’t need to lug a normal drill and an SDS hammer drill around: it’s as happy drilling into masonry, brick and concrete as it is drilling into wood, plastic or metal. It has 24 torque settings, and it’s capable of delivering up to 60Nm.

And because the motor is brushless it lasts much longer than rivals: 50% longer runtime. 25% more power and 10x longer service life.

The Slammer has another useful feature. Its 20V battery is a PowerShare battery, which means it’s designed to work with all of Worx’s other 20V and 2x20V PowerShare tools such as drill drivers and leaf blowers.

Instead of having to buy and remember to charge multiple batteries, you can simply swap the battery from tool to tool as you need it. That cuts your costs, and it also helps reduce your environmental footprint too.

Two heads are better than one

The same innovation that created the PowerShare system also created Worx’s WX176 Switchdriver drill driver, which is an inspired solution to a common problem you’ve probably experienced yourself when you need to drill lots of holes and drive lots of screws: the constant swapping between drills or worse, the constant removal and installation of drill bits and screwdriver bits.

The Switchdriver solves that in a clever way by having a rotating head containing not one chuck but two; simply press the button and the chucks rotate 180 degrees to switch between bits. If you’ve ever done a job involving really repetitive drilling and driving you’ll know how much time, effort and hassle that’ll save you.

The rotating chuck isn’t the only clever thing about the Switchdriver. It also has precise electronic torque control to prevent the stripping of screws and damage to your work environment, and the variable 2-speed gearing means it’s ready for any task. There’s even an LED light to illuminate your working area, and Worx has managed to keep the weight down to just 1.32kg to reduce fatigue.

The only blower with an Air Amplifier

The same 20V battery that powers the Switchdriver and the Slammer can also be popped into Worx’s WG54E LeafJet, a compact and innovative leaf blower that once again uses the PowerShare battery system. It’s the first of its kind, a blower with an Air Amplifier to produce even more air volume than any blower with the same size of motor.

That means it’s more powerful and much more efficient too. It delivers a whopping 209km/h air speed and an air volume of 693m3 per hour.

Like Worx’s other tools the motor in the LeafJet is brushless for efficiency, reliability and longevity – and it’s also incredibly light, so your arms won’t get so tired when you’ve got to clear a huge space.

The power you need, wherever you need it

Worx’s PowerShare system gives you the freedom to share batteries and chargers among multiple power tools, reducing harm to the environment, reducing the use of resources and saving you money – and because the tools themselves are so smart, you don’t have to choose between portability and power.

In addition to the tools we’ve talked about here, there’s a whole world of Worx PowerShare tools to choose from including saws and sanders, impact wrenches and impact drivers, angle grinders and multi-tools.

Whether you’re drilling, driving, cutting or clearing, Worx’s PowerShare range will save you money, save you space and best of all, save you time.

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