Like Sling Media’s Slingbox, Sony’s LocationFree lets you beam your home TV signal anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi.

PSP prayers

The Base Station is a slender, black box that comes with built-in 802.11b/g wireless capability. This lets the LocationFree box to be moved around your home network and send content to PC with the relevant LocationFree software installed, from up to two sources.

The trump card of the Sony unit, though, concerns PSPs. As long as you have a PSP with the update v2.70 software, the LocationFree will send content for your viewing pleasure. Oh lordy, our prayers have been answered.

Watch Neighbours from afar

Sony’s software is fairly straightforward once you’ve waded through the unfriendly set-up, but you have to buy a £20 software disc to access the Base Station from an additional PC. By the way, you can forget it if you own a Mac, they’re not supported.

Picture quality isn't as good as the Slingbox but the response time is a bit slow. PSP owners will be happy bunnies in Wi-Fi hotspots but if this isn’t important, the Slingbox is a better bet for your TV-anywhere needs.

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