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Road Angel Navigator review

The Road Angel Navigator can locate speed cameras and plan your journey from a postcode search on its 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen

It might have its imitators but nothing’s as usable as the Road Angel Navigator. It’s a smooth operator that can locate speed cameras – in the interests of safety, naturally – and plan your journey from a postcode search.

Smooth Operator

The unit’s also suitably small to take from car to car but big enough to house a beautiful and user-friendly 3.5in touchscreen.

When mapping your route, the Road Angel is fast and accurate, thanks to some of the best maps available in the UK (NAVTEQ’s).

Plus, when it’s mounted on the dash, you’ll look less like a cab driver and more like James Bond.

The price includes six months subscription to Road Angel’s speed cam database, which is well worth extending when your trial period finishes.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5