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Korg Mini KP review

Idly listening to music in your favourite easy chair is all well and good, but this Korg effects tool lets you twist, mash up and ruin your favourite tunes at will

When the Korg Kaossilator arrived in our office recently it threatened to de-rail the next issue of Stuff with its addictive range of sound effects and charming immediacy.

While that box of tricks created strange, mutated noises by itself, the Korg Mini KP takes a sound from any source and mashes it up, like a guitar effects pedal. And it’s just as addictive.

Bring the noise

With the kind of wide appeal that will make it popular with DJs, musicians and gadget fans alike, the Mini KP is fantastic piece of kit. With its pocket sized build and 100 preset audio effects, this beguiling box will have you addicted to tune tampering in no time.

A stripped-down version of the other Kaoss Pads, the battery-powered Mini KP comes with simple connectivity, utilizing only RCA line in/out and a 3.5mm headphone jack. This enables you to plug it into most audio sources, even MP3 players.

Twist your tunes

Once you’re plugged in, music will play unaffected through the Mini KP until you start fooling around with the touch pad, manipulating tunes at will.

It’s pricey for what is essentially an effects tool, but it soon becomes addictive and we really loved the way it enabled us to mess around with our music. So, whether you want to use it for professional use or you just fancy jamming along with your Krautrock playlists, then the Mini KP is an essential buy.


Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5