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Fujifilm Fine Pix Z2 review

Flash is a little slow. Needs to be connected to dock for picture exchange with computer. Colours can be a little washed out

Fujifilm’s Finepix Z2 is a stunner of a camera. Long gone are the days of bland black, or monotone snappers. Now we’re adventurous enough to venture down the actual colour route.

Wonder at the brushed metal fascia with its glossy, lacquered finish, bask in the beautiful curves of the wraparound back and stare in amazement at, er, the trio of status lights on the back. It all looks very tasty, anyway.  But it’s not only aesthetically that the Z2 exceeds our expectations.

Images are crisp, easily on par with the very best at the price, although colours aren’t as vivid as they could be. This causes the biggest problems if you’re taking a close-up of a person; skin tones are light and lacking the last ounce of definition. The flash is a little sluggish to get going but when it does, the light given off is natural and bright, so it’ll even illuminate the darkest winter evening. But don’t worry too much about the flash and battery life, because the Z2 has a sensitivity of up to ISO 1600, leaving the flash for use on only the darkest days.

If you’re in the market for a camera that all ages, from the kids to your granny, can use, this should be taken into consideration.

Our only gripe is that slow flash and the fact that its portability is compromised by having to use a dock to transfer pictures to your computer. If you can look past these issues, you could do a lot worse for a lot more money.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5