Blockbuster buggy: meet the transforming stroller with ‘cinema’ seating

Flaunt your tech creds with the iCandy Orange, the pushchair that grows and adapts with your family
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Pushchairs aren’t renowned for being beacons of game-changing innovation. They’re toddler transporters: a few wheels, a seat and some arm power. Nothing to get excited about here, right?

Actually, wrong. The iCandy Orange is a pushchair packing serious levels of smart thinking. Bringing together functionality, style and ingenious design elements, it’ll make the everyday task of wheeling the kids around a whole lot techier.

One of the standout features in the Orange is the ground-breaking, cinema-style seating, which positions both children facing the pusher. This doesn’t just mean a parent can maintain eye contact with both children at the same time – it lets the little ’uns see the world in a whole new way.  


Bend me, shape me

And you don’t have to be a pushy parent to appreciate a pushchair that can adapt in more ways than a Transformer. It’s simply an impressive piece of design, brought to you by a British heritage brand. Boasting more than 30 different configurations and combinations, the Orange can be whatever you need it to be. (Within reason, of course: you can’t turn it into a luxury yacht.) 


This lifestyle-versatility is reflected in the iCandy Orange’s tagline, #AbsolutelyFutureproof. As your family grows and adapts, so too does the pushchair. In its simplest form, it’s a luxury pushchair for one (complete with a gloss graphite chassis with leatherette handle, swing-away bumper bar and a spacious seat unit, no less). Add in a couple of adaptors and it transforms into a buggy for two. And because both seats are reversible, it’s possible to put children into any desired position: parent-facing or world-facing. It’s got your needs well and truly covered.

Kids grow up, of course, and that’s why the Orange is iCandy’s first pushchair to have an integrated ride-on board designed into its frame. Your older offspring can hop aboard, standing within the safety of the handlebar area, while a younger sibling slumbers in the carrycot, all without the need for bulky, expensive board attachments. Handy.

Plus, with the quick release front and back wheels, the Orange buggy is designed to be easy to fold and fit into almost any size of car boot. Double handy.

Pushy parents

iCandy hasn’t forgotten about the range in height of parents, either. The ergonomic handlebar provides a wide variety of height options: at their highest extension, they are higher than those of their nearest competitor, and at their lowest, they are even lower. So, the iCandy Orange should fit just about anyone.

And, as you might expect from a British heritage brand called iCandy, the pushchair prides itself on its looks. Slick and stylish in design, and boasting premier trimmings such as puncture-proof tyres and a generously padded liner, it looks and feels like the luxury product it is.

Not into the colour orange? Handily, the pushchair is also available in seven other colourways, all with the sleek Nimbus grey metal chassis.

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