We thank a higher power (God, Spider-Man… whatever) each and every day for that undeniable law that says huge, flat TV screens must get constantly huger, flatter and cheaper.

Every day, we creep a little closer towards realising our fevered dreams of futuristic homes with walls that transform into huge TV panels.

We may still be some way off yet, but TVs like Panasonic’s glorious 65in TH-65PX600 bring us ever closer to that humungo-wall-telly reality.

Big on TV

At £8000, it may still be far from affordable, but for a telly that’ll leave you with one less wall to decorate, that price tag doesn’t sound completely crazy – and no doubt you’ll be able to sniff it out for a considerably cheaper price.

But if you do, make sure you have a pad that measures up to the Panasonic. If the room you put it in is too small you’ll end up too close, and it’ll be just like sitting in the front row at the cinema.

As long as you aren’t seated in the same postcode as the Panny, you’ll be rewarded with a picture to die for. You get a detailed, colourful image and contrast levels above and beyond what you’d expect from your average plasma.

A positive picture

Dark scenes are full of detail, and skin-tones and textures look natural. The only thing that lets it down is the slightly lumbering-oafish way it deals with fast movement. But that’s really the only negative when it comes to image.

Sound from the bolt-on speakers isn’t at all bad (certainly not as bad as we’ve come to expect from built-in speakers on flapanels. The sound is open and expansive, but it lacks a little oomph.

But then, if you can afford an £8000 telly, we’re sure you can stretch to a nice AV system and maybe some big ole’ surround speakers.

Stuff says... 

Panasonic TH-65PX600 review

If you’ve the money and dream of owning a humungo-wall-telly, then the Panasonic will go a long way to fulfilling your dreams