Zoom Q3 promises pocket camcorder with superior sound

We've already seen the Kodak Zi8 today but here's another pocket camcorder. But the Zoom Q3 has something new – professional audio recordingThe

The makers of the Zoom Q3, say the new device is ideal for musicians, videographers and live music fans. Now we've not sure about the legality of that last one but the huge microphones would do the job admirably.

The Zoom Q3's two condenser microphones record audio at 24-bit/48 kHz and are directional to allow you to focus on the sound source you're recording.

The Zoom Q3 also features a 2.4in LCD display with handy audio level meters and a video display. It will accept memory cards up to 32GB which will allow you to record a stonking 16 hours of 640x480 resolution footage.

With those massive microphones, the Zoom Q3 could shape up to be a serious competitor to the current batch of pocket camcorders. It's out in September for £229.99, although you'll probably be able to get your hands on it for around the £200 mark.

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