Xbox One will allow trade and play of used games – but you may have to pay a charge

Microsoft is still unclear on how charging for second-hand games will work, only saying that you'll be able to trade used games online and in shops
Xbox One used game charges

The Xbox One Reveal wasn’t all drooling and snapping pics – there was some beard stroking too as the unanswered question, can we play used games, remained improperly addressed. An especially sensitive point since the Xbox One won't play Xbox 360 games.

Now we can confirm that you will be able to trade games online and in shops. And there will be plenty of games released this year. But Microsoft was clear that new games require a one-time activation code.

On Major Nelson’s blog he points out that playing games at a mate’s house won’t be charged as long as you’re signed into your profile. That still leaves the possibility of another one-off payment to Microsoft when you install, allowing you to reassign your new – but used – game to your login.

Microsoft Support tweeted there will be no fees on used games. But this may be referring to the transaction charge online or in the shop, not payments to update game ownership on a new profile.

We expect Microsoft is remaining tight lipped as it waits to see Sony's move. If the PS4 is a totally free trading platform it’s likely the Xbox One will be too. But you know Microsoft, is there’s a chance it can make more money from you it will.

[via Major NelsonKotaku and Twitter