Xbox One to stretch your bank balance this November

£430 price makes it more expensive than PS3 was at launch - but the games look awesome

Better get saving - the Xbox One is going to cost £430 when it launches in the UK this November.

The somewhat eye-watering price was greeted by more grumbles than cheers at the end of what was an otherwise triumphant E3 keynote.

As promised, this was all about the games, kicking off with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, culminating in Titanfall, and taking in the likes of Halo, Battlefield 4 and Ryse on the way.

Now it's a case of waiting with bated breath for Sony's keynote in around six hours time. We're expecting the PS4 to also launch in November, possibly even in the same week as the Xbox One (be still, our beating hearts), but how much will it cost? Not long until we find out.