Xbox 720 to support enhanced 3D

Microsoft has let slip its plans to tackle enhanced 3D games, perhaps for its next generation console release

With the Xbox 720 is due in 2013, Microsoft looks to embrace enhanced 3D games. A new job listing has been posted by Microsoft asking for an "algorithm research and development engineer for [the] Xbox team” working with “state of the art 3D imaging systems.”

Sadly the Xbox 720 won’t be coming in 2012, but that doesn’t mean these 3D enhanced games won’t arrive early for Xbox 360 users. Although, with an AMD Raedon 6000 graphic card due to ship in the Xbox 720, Kinect 2 and a Blu-ray drive, it seems more likely we’ll have to wait for the power that 2013 brings. Then we should be able to drool over 3D Gears of War and a 3D user interface that could potentially use Kinect 2 for a Minority Report style control system. Sweet.

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