Xbox 360 price confirmed!

Well, blow us if this ain't competitive. A lovely new Xbox 360 will cost just £210 when it becomes available (by Christmas, is the official line), and a box containing the console and a bunch of other bells and whistles will go for £280

If Microsoft wasn't an international megacorp, and was rather a physical entity capable of throwing down a gauntlet, it would have just done so. Right in front of Sony. Similarly, the abstract concept that is Sony The Boot Wearer would be quaking in its boots. Why? Because you will soon be able to purchase an Xbox 360 for a little less than £210.

Two packages will be available: core (console and not much else) and premium (console with 20GB HD, component HD cable, Xbox Live! headset, media remote control and wireless controller included). The premium will costs £70 more than the core, but the extra accessories are worth over £100. To us, that makes it the sensible option.