Xbox 360 gets blinkbox, YouTube, MUZU.TV and MSN apps in the UK

Here comes the second round of Xbox 360 apps – get ready to flail your limbs about at these Kinect-controlled apps

That YouTube on Xbox 360 sneak preview didn't last long now, did it? Microsoft is rolling out another batch of new apps for the upgraded Xbox LIVE platform and here in the UK we're being treated to four more, launching today.

As well as the gargantuan video site, apps from blinkbox, MSN and MUZU.TV are ready for you to flail and shake your arms at right now – as long as you've coughed up for the Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and a Kinect that is.

Google reckons that gamers will love being able to access tons of how-tos and walkthroughs straight from their TV with the new YouTube app – and we've got to admit it does make a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, the MUZU.TV Xbox 360 app offers 80,000 music videos ready for streaming from your Xbox, while the MSN app includes video tech reviews, celebrity interviews and on demand TV classics – like documentaries, drama and er, vintage Top Gear. Plus blinkbox joins LOVEFiLM in offering a choice of movie streaming service on your console. Keep your eyes peeled – we have a feeling there's more for Xbox LIVE where these came from.

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