X-ray on the motorway: Wireless camera lets you see through trucks and buses

It's one of the most inventive uses of wireless cameras we've seen, projecting a live feed of what's ahead of the truck in front so you know when it's safe to overtake
The system in action

Stuck behind a bus, with no idea if it's safe to overtake it? A wireless camera system that lets you see through buses and trucks has already been tested on roads by the University of Porto in Portugal. Look out for it on a motorway near you soon

Overtaking tech

Created by the University of Porto in Portugal, the See-Through System is generations ahead of current heads up displays, and can show a live feed from the front bumper of the vehicles in front.

Smart software in the system can automatically recognise when you're behind a long vehicle, then put a live feed from it on your display, allowing you to effectively see through the truck to work out when it's safe to pass.

"The system enhances driver’s visibility and supports the driver’s overtaking decision in challenging situations, such as overtaking a vision-obstructing vehicle," the team said in their paper.

"The use of the See-Through System provides the driver with an additional tool for determining if traffic conditions permit starting an overtaking maneuvere thus reducing the risk of overtaking."

The team has already tested the system on the road, and hopes it could soon be coming to a truck near you.

[Source: University of Porto via New Scientist]