World's largest NES controller breaks world record

You'd need to be at least 167ft tall to use it as a standard controller, but it's still unbelievably awesome

We've seen some pretty cool NES-inspired stuff in our time – a chopping board, coffee table and most of this. But none have been quite as cool as this larger-than-life NES controller. This well crafted replica isn't just for gawping at – it's actually a fully-functional controller hooked up to the once popular retro console.

It's the world's largest video game controller, measuring roughly twelve by six feet and weighing around 18 stone – so naturally tackling it on your own is futile. In fact, you'd need to be as tall as Nelson's column – that's 167ft tall – to use it like a standard handheld pad. It's all about teamwork, with at least two people having to man the controles at all times. As you'll see in the video below, it definitely isn't as easy as using a regular sized controller.

At around 30 times the size of a standard NES controller, this ludicrously large replica was unveiled as part of the launch for the new Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition, recognising the greatest and strangest achievements in the world of gaming.

So you can expect to see feats like the longest gaming session in free-fall and the longest video game marathon, which lasted a staggering 109 hours on Assassin's Cress: Brotherhood.

Like a lot of great ideas, the supersized vision was conjured up by a bunch of uni students (above) in a pub for a university project. The giant controller took five months and £4,000 to create. Wowzers.

Sadly, you've missed the opportunity to get hands on with it, as it was only on show for one day in Liverpool Street station – so it's definitely worth checking it out in the video below. It truly is an incredible sight to behold.

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