Windows 9 to be revealed in April?

Rumour has it Microsoft will unveil the next version of its operating system at the BUILD conference
Windows 9 to be revealed in April?

Microsoft seems set to reveal its next operating system in April – and it’ll likely be called “Windows 9”.

The OS version, currently codenamed Threshold, won’t be available for another year or so (April 2015 seems likely), but according to Microsoft will unveil its vision for it at the BUILD 2014 conference.

The company seems set on naming Threshold “Windows 9” in an attempt to distance it from the current, much-maligned Windows 8.

Back to the Start

Rumours concerning Windows 9’s look and design are scant, but reports claim it will see the return of the Start menu and the ability to “run Metro-style apps on the desktop alongside desktop applications”. It’s not even in serious development yet though – so it’s unlikely that any kind of developer alpha release will be available until much later in the year.