Where to buy an iPhone 4S on release day - UPDATED

Everyone from your cat to your nan wants one, but where’s the best place to nab Apple’s new blower?

It’s iPhone 4S release day today and early-rising Apple fans have already been lining up for hours (or even days) to get their eager hands on Apple’s latest shiny device.

All major retailers have stated that they’ll have stock in store today, but how long those stock levels will last is different matter altogether.

The wait will be particularly painful for those chained to their desks at work, for whom every hour that passes will conjure up images of dwindling iPhone 4S boxes.

All major sites have their order pages up and running apart from Orange, who we expect will launch their iPhone 4S page very soon.

O2 in the meantime has taken a welcome pro-active approach by providing a live stock-checker for iPhone 4S hunters up and down the country, which can be found here.

We’ve contacted various stores to see if levels are expected to last till the weekend and will update you as and when we can.

Good luck, and happy hunting!


Carphone Warehouse

"All stores of Carphone Warehouse had stock in for launch day, with a number of stores across the country opening early at 8am. The 16GB model will be in all stores, with the 32GB and 64GB models also being stocked in the Wireless Stores. Stock at launch is extremely limited – customers are advised to be at the stores as early as possible".

Phones 4 U

"Apple's new iPhone has been selling exceptionally well both in stores and online at Phones 4u today - we've sold as many of the iPhone 4S than any other iPhone on launch day, so it's clear desire for the 4S is high.  We're starting to stock out, so customers will need to be quick to get their hands on one!"

"We’ve up-weighted stock in certain regions to meet the demand – in particular in Leeds, London and Birmingham as they came out top in a poll we ran on who ‘wants it most’.

TMobile and Orange

"The iPhone 4S is currently available across all our retail channels – telesales, web and retail shops. Although we are currently seeing a high-level of demand, we have significant stock levels and will look to fulfil customer orders as swiftly as possible".


“Following the high number of pre-orders, it was clear that our customers were very excited about the new iPhone 4S coming to Three. We anticipate this high demand to continue over the weekend and have ensured plenty of stock across all our channels to cover this demand.”


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