What the PS4 could look like

An ambitious Redditor has had a crack at creating a 3D mockup of what the PS4 could look like
Sony PS4 mockup

Sony's recent PlayStation 4 video was maddeningly vague, teasing us with blurry glimpses of the console – but Redditor morphinapg reckons they've seen enough to piece together the above render of the PS4.

Give us a clue

Resembling an exhaust vent that's fallen off the Millennium Falcon, it nevertheless makes a refreshing change from the usual glowing UFO-like concepts that have littered the interwebs since the launch of the PlayStation 3.

Quite how a finished 3D model was pieced together from the sparse shots of the console in the trailer, we'll never know, but according to the Redditor's keen eyes, the PS4 is crafted from at least three materials – black glossy plastic, dark grey matte plastic and light grey glossy plastic or metal.

The numerous vents have been placed at the front, while a larger circular vent graces the top, presumably acting as the main CPU fan.
The officially outed PS4 logo adorns the top, while an indent on the back could be used for ventilation if the console were placed vertically. The standard USB ports and status lights adorn the front, which is a solid bet.

Not a bad effort given how little there was to work with in the first place. But do you prefer it to the Xbox One's simple black box design?

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[Imgur via Reddit]