What lost musical treasures has Amazon AutoRipped for you?

Auto-unearthing tracks from your dark musical history, Amazon's new physical-to-digital music service is more than just a good reason to buy more vinyl
What lost treasures has Amazon AutoRipped for you?

This morning Amazon launched AutoRip in the UK. It's an awesome service, providing an MP3 version of every track from every physical album you've bought from the store (not including Amazon Marketplace purchases) since 1999, as well as furnishing you with backed-up MP3 versions of any albums you buy on CD and vinyl from now on in. 

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What lost treasures has Amazon AutoRipped for you?

To rifle through your brand new digital archive, log in to, click on Your Account and select Cloud Player: it'll auto-populate the web app with all of your tunes. You can then play them in your browser, in Amazon's Android and iOS apps or on connected gadgets such as Sonos. Install the Amazon MP3 Downloader on your desktop and you can store the tracks locally, too.

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Obviously this is a killer reason to buy vinyl again, as if you needed one (although it would be even better if the music came in lossless FLAC or uncompressed WAV format, and better still if it worked in a similar way for books – which Amazon is looking intoaccording to Pocket-lint). But it's also a way to revisit albums you were listening to pre-millennium and, well, ever since.

What treasures/embarrassments/horrors has Amazon AutoRipped for you today? Let us know in the comments section. It's just down there.