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Vodafone first with 3.2MP camphone

Quick, sell those digicam shares! Vodafone's upped the cameraphone ante in the UK by announcing the nation's first 3.2MP mobile phone, the Sharp 903. That's a whole megapixel more than the competition, resolution fans

Vodafone’s just hammered another stake in the coffin of the standalone digital camera.

While the 3.2 megapixel Sharp 903 won’t have serious photographers ditching their Canons and Pentaxes, it could win over the point and click brigade. In addition to the first ever 3.2MP sensor in a UK phone, it has a 2x optical zoom – the same as the old Sharp 902 – and an SD card slot for storage.

The other big deal is that it’s 3G and has a freakishly large 2.4 inch swivelling screen. The downside is that the 903 looks like a bit of a brick from photos, though we’re holding back judgement until we’ve given it a roadtest.

Look out for more info in November’s issue of Stuff.

The 903’s on sale from this Thursday for anywhere between £350 and free if you take a fat contract.