Virgin TV Anywhere takes on Sky Go from today

Watch your Virgin TV subscription for free anywhere, online or from your iOS gadget, right now

After Sky Go won Stuff’s App of the Year Award it was only a matter of time before Virgin took a run at mobile TV – and that time has arrived. Today Virgin TV Anywhere has been unleashed both online and on iOS, letting subscribers watch TV anywhere for free.

TiVo subscribers can use Virgin TV Anywhere to watch up to 45 live TV channels and access up to 4000 hours of On Demand shows and films, including Sky On Demand treats. There’s also catch-up TV for BBC iPlayer, 4oD and the rest – which should work well with the in-built social software that lets you share and discuss your viewings with friends.

At the moment Virgin TV Anywhere is only accessible online at anywhere.virginmedia or on the iOS app – Droid users will only have to wait until early 2013 to get their version. You'll also need to be a TiVo subscriber to make use of the app. For now the app only streams over Wi-Fi – but Virgin Media's pumped the London Underground full of free Wi-Fi, so commuters in the capital are covered, at least. Hopefully a 3G version for the rest of us will be along before too long.

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