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Video review – Acer Aspire One 533

Acer builds on its Aspire One range with the 533. It may have a faster CPU and affordable price tag, but can it see off those netback rivals? Watch our video review and find out

Acer’s gone and refreshed its Aspire One range to create the 533 – a Bluetooth 3.0 equipped netbook that sets itself apart from the rest of the clones with a faster Atom CPU. Additional extras usually warrant a heftier price tag, but Acer have kept the 533 attractive by keeping its overall price firmly in affordable territory.  

Combining an excellent 10.1-inch screen, well designed keyboard and impressive specs for the price, the 533 has all-round appeal. But we want to know what you think? Is the 533 good enough to hold its own against the competition and entice you away from cheaper alternatives? Watch our video review and find out.

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