Ultimate setup – barbecue

The clouds have parted, making it obligatory to venture into the garden and burn some pieces of meat to a tasty crisp

Weber Summit S670

£2850, Amazon

Nothing says “high-end cookout” like a car-sized gas barbecue, and this is among the best around. Yes, it’s pricier than an all expenses paid trip to Tahiti, but it features six burners, a rotisserie, a smoker and a couple of worktops for food prepping. Some may consider it cheating, but you’ll have more time to enjoy the beer, the weather and the grub.

Condiment Gun

£16, Firebox

Lock and load... your choice of ketchup, mustard or brown sauce into this plastic six shooter and “brap” delicious condiment all over your barbecued meats.

Fold Flat BBQ

£25, IWOOT

Don’t have the funds for a gas behemoth? This more traditional charcoal-based BBQ won’t break the bank and is ingeniously designed to, well, fold flat. Its steel frame concertinas down to skinny block that’s easy to store or to carry to a mate's house.

BBQ Branding Iron

£19, NowGreen

Yeehaw, pardner! Saddle up the old palomino and, er, pretend to be a cattle rancher by branding your name or a “hilarious” phrase onto your steaks as they sizzle – this iron features swappable letters. Just don’t get any ideas about leaving your mark on any sleeping BBQ attendees, y’hear?

Garden Drinks Cooler

£160, ingarden

Keep your “brewskis” nice and chilled in this wheeled drinks cooler, which you basically fill with ice before filling with bottles of beer. It’s foam insulated to maintain its coolness factor, and doesn’t require electricity.


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