UK Asus Transformer Prime owners are offered refunds, an extended warranty and a GPS update

Asus flexes its PR muscles in response to Wi-Fi and GPS issues, with an update thrown in for good measure

If you're a UK Transformer Prime owner whose shiny slate suffers from Wi-Fi or GPS issues then you'll be glad to hear that Asus is offering compensation, in the form of an extended 18 month warranty or a full refund.

The move comes after a number of Prime owners have complained about poor Wi-Fi signals and non-existent GPS capabilities, which have since been blamed on the Prime's all-metal construction.

Asus' latest update for the Prime is a GPS driver update which has received positive reviews on the interwebs so far and – coupled with the recent Ice Cream Sandwich update – it should allow owners to enjoy the gorgeous slate as nature intended.

Those of you still on the fence may wish to hold out for the Asus Transformer Prime HD (see our CES hands-on here) which features a plastic strip for improved wireless performance – and a full HD screen to boot.

Read our review of the Asus Transformer Prime here.

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