Two new BlackBerry PlayBooks incoming?

Could we be on the verge of round two and three for RIM's PlayBook?

We had high hopes for RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. So did RIM. But less than a year on from its launch, it's fair to say that RIM has failed to set the world alight with sales of its 7in slab. That's despite poking fun at Apple's lack of Flash in its advert.

N4BB reckons it has the scoop on RIM's plans to out a couple of Blackberry PlayBook tablets in 7 and 10in form-factors.

With version 2.0 of the PlayBook OS due in Feb, word is the two tabs will rock the updated OS, letting you use your BlackBerry as a wireless mouse and keyboard via BlackBerry Bridge, or open content on your BB directly on your PlayBook.

The 7in 3G model is rumoured to be up for grabs first, with an April release date, while it's thought the 10-incher – hotly tipped to pack LTE superpowers – will arrive by the end of the year. Just in time for your Christmas wish list, then.

On the phone front, those holding out for the next-generation of BB OS 10 smartphones will be disappointed to know the official outing of the first BB OS 10 handset is rumoured to go live in September – and it could very well be the only next-gen BlackBerry handset we see this year.

That means RIM probably won't be showing off any BB OS 10 smarties at Mobile World Congress in February. Sadface.

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