Treasure hunters listen up – the gold iPhone 5S is real

Frankincense and myrrh options yet to be confirmed...
Apple iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S might not be available in a rainbow of bright colours like the iPhone 5C, but that hasn't stopped it from rocking up to Apple's launch event in glitzy gold threads.

That's right, the iPhone 5S will be arrive in a gold colour option, in addition to a new 'space grey' paint job, which replaces the all-black colour of the iPhone 5. The white colour option remains the same – well, there isn't much you can do with white.

Brains and beauty

Treasure hunters listen up – the gold iPhone 5S is real

While gorgeous as ever, the new iPhone 5S is more than just a pretty face. Packed within its shiny exterior is an all-new A7 processor – the first 64-bit smartphone chip in the world – which promises twice the power of the iPhone 5 thanks to 40x the CPU performance and 56x the graphical grunt, along with a dual-flash camera with souped-up innards and 120fps slow-motion video recording.

Oh, and an amazing Touch ID fingerprint sensor built directly into the Home button. Let's not forget that.

If all that's made you salivate more than a dog in a butcher's shop, then let us know what colour you'll be getting.