Toshiba’s 55in ZL2 3D TV ditches the glasses

Meet the hi-res telly that keeps tabs on your face

Toshiba has outed the ZL2 – a 55in LED TV that smashes through the resolution barriers by serving up a gargantuan 3,840 x 2,160px Quad Full HD display. As well as offering eye-watering visuals and 2D-3D conversion, the set also boasts glasses-free 3D technology thanks to its lenticular screen which makes use of a range of lenslets that deliver a picture to each eye simultaneously.

Viewing angle frustrations are kept at bay by an in-built face-tracking camera that can detect the location of each viewer. Once it has a lock, the display’s lenslets adjust themselves accordingly to ensure an unbroken 3D image is beamed towards up to nine different positions.

Although very little content is available at the set’s maximum available resolution, we’re sure that won’t stop the rich early adopters who can afford the rumoured €8,000 price tag. If you hate wearing specs of any kind and your pockets are deep enough then stay tuned for more details of the December release date.


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