Toshiba unveils upscaling Regza ZV Series LCD TV

Having had their backsides spanked by Sony in a major fashion in the hi–def wars, Toshiba has been making a big play of upscaling, especially in

That's a bold claim, but it sounds awesome. Using a new tech they've dubbed Resolution +, the TV takes standard–def images and gives them a lift to what Tosh describes as "near–HD." If that means watching Hollyoaks as it's meant to be without paying out for Freesat, then we're sold.

On top of all that, you get Full HD as standard, 3 HDMI inputs for hooking up a Blu–Ray player and console, component and even SCART for those who prefer to kick it old–school.

Plus, there's even a digital tuner built in, so you don't need to use your knackered old freeview box either. There are two models, clocking in at 42in and 46in. The latter's an eye–watering £1199, with the 42in model costing £899.

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Toshiba Regza ZV series

Price: £899.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Toshiba