Toshiba Thrive 7in tablet surfaces

Like the AT100 and the AT200 before it, the Thrive 7in is hitting the US with the UK waiting patiently

Toshiba has proved it won’t be left behind in the tablet race as it unveiled the AT200 at IFA, claiming the crown for world’s thinnest tablet at just 7.7mm deep. But until that arrives – and to keep us from getting bored of the original 10in Thrive, or AT100 as it’s called in the UK – Toshiba has unveiled the 7in Thrive.

The Tegra 2 powered slate with dual HD cameras has appeared on the US Toshiba site with details that pit it against the PlayBook. It has a similar 1,280 x 800 px resolution but with a thinner 12mm depth, and vastly superior Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS. It’s out in November Stateside, with no price annoucned, but according to Recombu Toshiba has not announced any plans for a UK release. Watch this space.


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