Today at Apple sessions are as free online as they are in-store

Free? Apple? No, really

You know how being able to do that really cool thing with your phone, tablet or computer nobody else knows, makes you instantly more attractive?

No, us neither, but regardless kudos to Apple for adding free online classes to its popular in-shop tutorial sessions. Aimed at those unable to get to an Apple Store in-person, Today at Apple sessions let you choose between live virtual workshops, where you can ask questions during presentations, or pick from pre-recorded videos with diverse topics like ‘drawing playful portraits with iPad’ and ‘capturing striking photography with iPhone’. The lessons are led by company's Creative Pros and you don't even need to own an Apple device to take part – perfect for the insufferable know-it-all wishing to wind people up by knowing more about their fancy new mobile than them. Of course, this doesn't mean you should completely ignore a return to the high street and non-essential retail; Stuff once attended an awesome iPhone photography street tour at the London store, shooting parts of the capital we never knew existed. Seriously, if you find yourself in a foreign city (soon, hopefully) with an Apple Store check out their schedule because it's a great way to get a free city tour and up your camera phone skills at the same time. For now though, hit up the Today at Apple site and immerse yourself in all the geeky glory.