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Tivoli Audio’s PAL+ on sale now

Get your portable DAB kicks with this new Tivoli radio

We went ears-on with Tivoli Audio’s new PAL+ at IFA this year and now everyone can get their hands on the upgraded portable radio.

That little plus sign refers to its new DAB capabilities – and don’t be fooled by its tiny proportions. Tivoli Audio reckons that the PAL+’s 6.5cm full-range driver will ensure it sounds as good as its big brothers, whether you’re kicking back to DAB or old-school FM.

As well as the standard stereo headphone output, there’s also a 3.5mm aux-in jack so you can play tunes from your iPhone, iPod or Android phone, or stream tracks from Spotify Premium on your mobile.

The PAL+ has just gone on sale for £250 at Tivoli Audio’s online store, ahead of its high street release. You can get it in red, yellow, black and white but we’re quite taken with the high-gloss blue and white design.


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