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This free update adds one big AI camera feature to OnePlus smartphones

OnePlus is rolling out a new AI photo editing feature to its smartphones from this month

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The latest smartphones come packing new AI features. In fact, you can now pick phones with the best AI features. But what about if you’ve got an older device? Fortunately, many of these features can be rolled out via software updates. And that’s exactly what OnePlus is doing with this free update to the brand’s latest smartphones. It adds one big AI photo-editing feature called AI Eraser.

With this new feature, OnePlus is setting the stage to turn your mundane photo editing tasks into a walk in the digital park. Thanks to the magic of AI and a sprinkle of advanced algorithms, unwanted objects can now vanish with just a few taps. It works similarly to Google’s Magic Eraser or the Galaxy S24‘s Galaxy AI feature. Here’s a look at what OnePlus’ AI Eraser can do:

See the original photo at the top, and the AI-sprinkled version below

On the surface, AI Eraser sounds like something ripped right out of a Photoshop wizard’s dream. Fancy removing that photo bomber from your otherwise perfect shot? Or maybe you want to erase the rubbish littering a scenic view? OnePlus has got you covered. The feature isn’t just a one-hit-wonder; it’s the start of OnePlus’ aims to infuse our mobile devices with a hefty dose of AI.

But how does it work? By feeding the AI a diet of countless images, OnePlus has taught it to understand what things should look like. So, when you decide that bin in the background has got to go, AI doesn’t just smudge it out. Instead, it intelligently fills the space with something that matches the scene. Or at least it’s supposed to. As you can see in the example image, the use of AI Eraser is noticeable in the edited version. It seems a little less sleek than other offerings. But, one of the perks of AI is that it gets better over time, so things will get better from here.

OnePlus is already rolling out this digital magic eraser to a device near you, assuming that device is among the chosen ones: the OnePlus 12, 12R, 11, and the OnePlus Open. Those residing in Europe will have to twiddle their thumbs a bit longer, with the feature set to land in nearer the summer.

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