These are the PC games you can play for free with Twitch Prime this month

Amazon Prime members get six free PC games in May
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Twitch is the rapidly-growing video game streaming service, of course, which airs esports competitions and lets people showcase their gaming skills to potentially many thousands of viewers.

Don't want to watch someone else play video games? Fair enough – but Twitch has something else on tap that every kind of PC player can get behind: free games. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you automatically have access to Twitch Prime. It's a service that eliminates ads from videos, lets you grant free monthly subscriptions to support streamers, and now includes several free games each month.

Even if you'll never use the streaming service, all Amazon Prime subscribers should snag the free Twitch Prime subscription and download these free PC games from the Twitch desktop app; they're yours to keep forever. And if you do love and use Twitch, then Prime and its myriad goodies is just the cherry on top.

The selection will change monthly, so we'll keep this space updated as new games arrive. Check out May's picks below, and if you still haven't grabbed April's freebies, then be sure to snag them before the calendar page drops.

Free PC games in May 2018

Gone Home

Known as a "walking simulator" in some circles, Gone Home is an ultra-compelling indie gem about returning home from university… and finding your family completely absent. Can you piece together what's happened?


Double Fine's cult-classic action-platformer is worth a return trip on PC (it's free!), as you take the role of young Razputin as he arrives at a camp for psychic kids. Naturally, hijinks ensue. Now's a good time to catch up before next year's long-awaited sequel arrives.


This hilarious first-person game finds you leaping between speeding semi trucks en route to a finish, except they're all smashing into each other and toppling over – and that doesn't even take into account the lasers and swinging axes and such. Good luck!

Titan Souls

Like Shadow of the Colossus, Titan Souls is all about boss battles – you'll fight smaller bosses en route to the much larger bosses, each of which requires a different strategy to defeat. This one could frustrate some, but it may also reward your perseverance.

High Hell

Like your first-person shooters in the lo-fi, run-and-gun style of Doom and Duke Nukem 3D? The recent High Hell taps into that classic approach with a neon twist, as you take out an entire skyscraper full of criminal goons.

I, Hope

Released to benefit the Game Changer Charity, I, Hope is a game about a young girl whose town is taken over by cancer. You'll fight it off via a mix of puzzle-solving and platform-action in sort of a Beyond Good & Evil-like manner.

Free PC games in April 2018

Tales from the Borderlands

The idea of a story-based Borderlands game without any actual shooting seems awfully dull, but truth be told, Tales from the Borderlands is hilarious – and it's one of Telltale Games' best series to date. You'll get the whole first (and currently only) season from Twitch Prime in April.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Hugely acclaimed upon its release a few months back, SteamWorld Dig 2 is a Metroid-inspired adventure game in which you'll dig below the surface, unearth treasure, and battle back enemies. It's super charming, but also pretty challenging as well.


Kingsway looks like an old-school Windows desktop, which might seem rather odd – but you'll soon come to realize that this faux operating system is actually how you manage your fantasy hero's role-playing adventure. It's an Adult Swim game, unsurprisingly, and an oddball indie gem.

Tokyo 42

Tokyo 42 is a gorgeous isometric action game that takes place futuristic version of the city. After being framed for a murder you didn't commit, you'll run and gun around the vivid terrain as you blast foes and try to clear your name. Also, it has "tactical cats." Sold!


Love the wub wub of thumping dubstep music? If so, then you might get a kick out of DubWars. It's a top-down, arcade-style shooter that's not only backed by bass-heavy electronic music, but also synchronised with it – so your weapons help create the beats along the way.