Tesla Model S goes convertible

Elon Musk’s electric sedan becomes a roof-less cruiser – but only due to an aftermarket conversion
Tesla Model S goes convertible

The Model S is available as a convertible?Well, not officially. Tesla Motors currently sells a four-door version of the Model S – but an aftermarket conversion by a company called Newport Convertible Engineering will happily turn that into a roof-less model.

They’ll literally – to quote Busta Rhymes – “tear da roof off”?Indeed they will. These guys will turn pretty much anything into a convertible – and that now extends to the electric Model S. And well, just look at the pictures to see what level of quality you get. The company claims to have been working with Tesla for six months to ensure they get it right.

Tesla Model S convertible

I bet it costs a fair bit…You bet right. If you want a soft-top conversion it’s US$29,000 (£17,330), while for a removeable hard-top it’s going to set you back US$49,000 (£29,270). And no, that doesn’t include the Tesla Model S, which you have to supply. In the UK, these start at just over £50,000.

Ouch! Any other issues?Well, the modification will affect the Model S’s handling and performance, not to mention its efficiency. So just make sure you don’t take it out too far on that lovely summer’s day spin…

[Via: TechCrunch]