News's top 10 iPod touch & iPhone games

Among the iPod announcements yesterday, we got news that the iPod touch would be getting better graphics and would be 50% faster compared to its secon

This is obviously great news for iPod gaming, and will hopefully encourage more developers to get involved and push the limits of what's currently available.

Although we got a glimpse at some of the new games coming out in the next few months, it got us to thinking about our favourite games from the App Store.

So here, in no particular order, is's Top 10 iPod touch and iPhone games. If you fancy trying them out, click the title for a link to the iTunes Store, and be sure to let us know your favourite games below.

1. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition – £4.99

It's a personal favourite, but also a cracking achievement for the developers who managed to get this classic PC game into a playable format on the small screen, complete with new voiceover and improved graphics. Point-and-click adventure gaming at its best.

2. Kern - 59p

A favourite of our very own Mic Wright, Kern is like tetris for word and typography geeks (sorry Mic). You see kerning, if you don't know, is the process of adjusting spacing between letters, and what this game requires you to do is line up a letter to slot in with a falling word.

It might sound easy, but you get points depending on how spot on your spacing is, and words vary in size to make it that little bit more difficult to line up.

3. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D - £1.79

That crazy Bandicoot made his way onto the App Store with this Mario Kart-esque 3D racing game. Played similarly to a lot of iPhone racing games, you steer using the accelerometer and collect items to unlock new characters.

4. Super Monkey Ball - £2.39

The game that won people's hearts on the GameCube made its debut on the iPhone some time ago now, but its still proving a firm favourite thanks to its fun gameplay and nice graphics. The game involves you racing a monkey in a transparent ball against the clock around different tracks.

There's five different worlds with multiple levels in each that you'll need to master in order to move on, and as you'd suspect – it gets pretty tricky as you get further in.

5. Ragdoll Blaster: a physics puzzler - £1.19/free

So it might not sound addictive, but trust us – it is. The game involves you shooting ragdolls from a cannon (bear with us) in an attempt to hit a target – usually hidden by obstacles of course. You have to work out a way to make it happen, which sometimes aren't as straight forward as you think.

There are over 100 levels for you to have a go at, or you can try out 18 levels in the free version.

6. Dizzy Bee - £1.79/free

Available in both a free and paid for edition with many more levels, this game works with the accelerometer, so as you move the phone around Dizzy Bee will follow.

The aim of the game is to make your way around the various courses collecting up flowers and rescuing "fruit", dodging enemies as you go. The tricky part is that the bad guys are affected by the same movements Dizzy Bee is, so every slight movement matters.

7. Eliss - £2.39/free

Your job is to keep the harmony in a universe of blendable planets – joining or separating them to match them with "squeesars", and avoiding pesky vortexes in the meantime.

It's a toughie but a goodie – we'd recommend playing at a table so you can have both hands free when the levels get a little harder... you'll need a lot of fingers.

8. Tap Tap Revenge - 59p/free

Ridiculously addictive, Tap Tap Revenge takes on the same idea as Guitar Hero and the like, but instead you have to tap the beats on the screen as they come flying towards you.

You'll also have to nudge the phone in different directions when arrows fly down the line, and while the game comes with just a few songs you can download more over Wifi. A lot of fun, and a free version to try it out first as well.

9. Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D - 59p/free

Of course, they're swinging as you're trying to drop them down, so you have to tap at just the right point to get it square on, otherwise you'll end up with a crooked, unsteady tower.

Ultimately you're trying to win residents, and the better and bigger you're tower, the more you'll get.

10. Worms - £2.99

As the player, you control a team of worms trying their damnedest to kill the other team, using everything from grenades to sheep.