News's guide to mobile expense apps

As we all know too well, filing your expenses claim is tough. Whether you're claiming for a cleaner to do menial tasks, getting your tennis court fixe

So rather than spending hours poring over a calculator and legal documents on what actually constitutes fraud, why not use one of these dedicated smartphone apps.

iExpenseIt, £2.99, iPhone

Notting Hill Set members and grovelling low–end spin doctors will love iExpenseIt. It costs £2.99, which we're sure you can claim back, and organises personal and business expenses by category. From cabs to restaurants, you can keep track and mail your claims right into the audit committee.

Bankarama for Blackberry, £Free, All BlackBerry smartphones

Ok, this one sounds like a mobile game where you try to rescue ailing City stalwarts (hang on), but in fact it'll keep your QWERTY warhorse up–to–date with all your latest spends. Never forget to keep track of those mortgage payments on your 'second home'.

Handy expense for Symbian, £Free, All Symbian S60 mobiles

Fans of doughty Nokia's can use Handy Expense on their N95 to break down their meals, hotel bills and weekend trawls through Ikea . It'll even export to Microsoft Excel, so you can attach the doc and cross your fingers in hope that you get your cash back for all that garden work.

Budget Droid, £Free, T–Mobile G1 and HTC Magic

Forward-thinking politicos can use this Android app to maintain their budgets and ensure they don't go overspending on, say, adult–themed flicks. In fact, the app claims to stop any frivolous overspending. Order every MP an HTC Magic at once!