Stuff’s Top 10 best party gadgets

  Numark IDJ2 £500www.numark.comKick start your party by slapping your iPod onto this neat, simple and supremely competent deck from Numark


Numark IDJ2 £500

Kick start your party by slapping your iPod onto this neat, simple and supremely competent deck from Numark. Mixing some mad mash ups is made straightforward thanks to the IDJ2’s intuitive, minimal control layout.


IonAudio Block Rocker £230

The portable, suitcase-aping Block Rocker pumps out steady, authoritative audio. And with inputs from your iPod, DJ decks, a microphone, and even a guitar, it’s equally at home as a karaoke companion or pulsating PA.

Wunderbar Beer Chiller £150

As the guests turn up, your grave blunder soon becomes clear: there's no room for the special brew. If only you'd bagged the 5-litre Wunderbar beer keg, which chills your mead and dispenses it via the draught tap.


Laserpod Original Galaxy £50

Wood chip wallpaper speckled with Pollyfilla doesn't exactly say metrosexual chic. Mask the dowdy, drab decoration of your dwellings with a Laserpod, which sprays out a wondrous rainbow of psychedelic colour.


Mathmos Softlight £30

You slaved away for hours baking those delicious mushroom vol-au-vents, but hidden away in the dark, no one can find them. Grab the chameleonic Mathmos Soft Light to guide your guests towards the grub.

Bottle Goblets £12

Beer deserves a suitably majestic grail, a vessel that recognises the magnificence of the amber nectar. The Beer Bottle Goblet is the only chalice worthy of cradling that delicious, luscious liquid.

Portable Cocktail Set £40

Those philistines at the party don’t have a clue how to mix a decent Mojito. Fortunately, you’ve arrived with the neat Portable Cocktail Set, so you can craft the finest Caipirinhas, and blend the perfect Black Russian.


KitchenAid Cocktail Blender £120

Cocktail waiters think they’re so clever, flinging vodka bottles in the air, and catching glasses on the ends of their noses. But the coolest way to concoct your drink is by using this super smart blender, which whisks up a whisky sour in seconds.    

Use it with…Ketel One Vodka £20


Peugeot Moulins Elis Electric Corkscrew £80

Sweating as you feebly attempt to wrench that bottle of Shiraz open isn’t going to impress any potential partner. So be suave like Bond, and keep you cool as Peugeot’s electric corkscrew does all the hard work for you.