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The December issue of Stuff magazine is out now

Game on!

This time last year, trying to buy a PS5 was tantamount to playing on one of those infuriating claw crane grabbers you find at arcades. So close, yet so far.

However, this year, and this magazine is all about putting the very best games right in the palm of your hands. 

We’re fawning over the Nintendo OLED, portable PCs and even a tiny yellow console with a crank-handle. We’ve thought deep about these mini marvels and have even selected some of the best games to play and have also remonstrated on the much-anticipated Valve Steam Deck.

We’ve gone big on Windows 11 laptops too, and like always,  have filled the hallowed pages of Stuff magazine with loads of tech goodness to get stuck into. 

Get your head in the game

There’s more handhelds than might immediately spring to mind. How about a handheld with a crank? Is this a wind-up? Are you having a funny turn? Nope, this one’s round the twist… Pick up an issue to see what we’re talking about…

And if you don’t want to properly invest in the gear, we’re crammed these pages with top choices from Apple Arcade and a whole host of other mobile games that’ll make life generally more enjoyable. 

Gleaning Windows

We’ve covered play. It’s time to work now. And there’s no better work companion than a new laptop from Windows to eke the most out of Windows 11. 

Razer, Acer, Asus, Dell, LG, HP, we’ve picked the cream of the crop to help you choose your new powerhouse. 

There’s more!

We show you how to upgrade a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, provide a list of the best reading apps you need to make yourself seem all smart and knowledgeable, plus talk about our delightful few weeks with the Mini electric.

We also put the Tile Pro and Apple AirTag to battle to see who’s the biggest loser. Turns out, it’s us. We’re the ones who need it, as we’re constantly misplacing our things.

Get a copy!

You’re one step away from grabbing the mag.  Buy an old school print copy delivered direct to your door, a new school digital edition delivered direct to your inbox or a combination of the two.

Or feel free to go to an actual supermarket or newsagent and do the business over the counter. Alternatively, the App Store, PocketMags and Readly and will see you right. Thanks for being greatest – Stuff doesn’t exist without you!