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The Stuff Lent Gadget Fast – Day 6

The Stuff team's week-long fast from their favourite gadgets is nearly at an end – find out how they're coping

Paddy – music

Today I have my second music-free flight in a week. Or seven hours and forty minutes of hell, as I like to think of it. Contemplating the journey yesterday I even considered cheating. After all, who will know if I subtly cue up a few in-flight tunes on the iPod as we jet across the skies? I have brought my iPod on the trip (to be honest, I thought I would’ve snapped by now) but I’m going to try to ride it out the way I rode it in. It’s been a tough week – and you’re not supposed to say that when you’re coming back from holiday.

Stephen – smartphone

One happy consequence of using the Nokia is that I’m not worried about breaking it – the phone’s as tough as old boots, and will happily survive being chucked about in a manner that would reduce modern smartphones like my iPhone 4S – or even the super-resilient Sony Xperia Z – to a pile of glass shards. Also, there’s no danger of it being nicked. On the downside, calls on the PAYG SIM I’m using are ruinously expensive – I’ve become too used to having free minutes and text messages on my smartphone price plan.

Luke – instant messaging

Despite a few texts from mates who’d heard about my efforts and wanted to catch me out (thanks guys), I still haven’t cracked. In fact I prefer to call people back now. I haven’t checked my bill yet though. Free texts and limited minutes – I never could have imagined that would be an issue. Idly, I wonder whether I’m frying my brain with all these phone calls, but then I remember it’s usually located by my crown jewels. I’m just going to continue assuming everything is fine in my brain – and that my future children are safe.

Lucy – iPad

Usually when I work from home I like to use my iPad for emails in a bid to replicate the dual screen set up I have at work. It sure makes things convenient. Alas, without my elaborate set up my email responses have taken a bit of a hit. The great thing about working from home is the freedom to move from room to room and even work from (dare I say it) the comfort of your own bed. Right now there is nothing I’d like more than to lounge about with my iPad, but with nothing but a weighty Macbook Pro to work with this isn’t quite as achievable. Roll on Wednesday.

Sophie – Facebook

Hoping that the fact I caved yesterday didn’t dent the others’ resolve, I began my Facebook Fast again about 24 hours ago – and this time I’m determined to stick to it for the next few days (no, I’m not starting again, that would be silly). During my time without it, I felt disconnected and it was weirdly comforting to check that everyone was still there, updating and uploading away. But safe in the knowledge that nothing important happened on the social network while I was away – when does it ever? – I now feel much more at ease not logging on to that odd little blue and white universe. Then again, now that I’ve had a taste, how long will my new found discipline last? Place your bets.

Esat – Reddit

Just my luck. Today was the first day that I haven’t thought about Reddit at all. My system was nearly clear. And what do I see plastered over the internet after lunch? I see that astronaut Chris Hadfield hosted an AMA, live from the International Space Station. Fate, you are a cruel and wicked mistress indeed. So. Which of my faithful (not to mention devilishly handsome) Stuff co-workers will be emailing me blow by blow accounts of the best questions and answers? Did I mention that you all smell terrific?

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