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Star Wars Battlefront will have a $50 season pass of add-on content

And EA will sell it to you now, but won't tell you exactly what's coming

By this point, it’s no longer surprising when a company announces extensive post-release add-on content for a large-scale game… even weeks or months before it hits stores. And that’s what EA has just done with Star Wars Battlefront.

Surprise! The upcoming online shooter reboot, which is currently in the midst of an open multiplayer beta test on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, will be supported with four add-on expansions in the months following the full game’s release next month. And you can buy a season pass right now for the lot of it.

That’ll cost you US$50 (about £33), which buys you… well, we don’t know yet. Aside from saying there will be four packs, we don’t know what they’ll comprise. EA says they’ll be “filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy far, far away,” but as far as total number of maps or particular locations, the details simply aren’t available.

So you’re taking a risk on the hope that Electronic Arts and DICE will build Battlefront out with stages as fantastically compelling and nostalgia-inducing as the Hoth locale seen in the beta (and above). At least there are perks: season pass buyers will get each pack two weeks ahead of general availability, plus there’s an exclusive "Shoot First" emote.

Based on the beta test, Star Wars Battlefront really seems like it may live up to the hype – although DICE’s last big game, Battlefield 4, had a rather messy online launch two years back. We’re hopeful, however, and if Battlefront really is the large-scale Star Wars game of our dreams, then we’ll be happy to shell out to keep the shootouts fresh and lively well into 2016.

[Source: EA Star Wars]

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