Spritz text-streaming tech will turn you into a 900 word-per-minute reading machine

That means you could finish a full-length novel in just over 90 minutes. You might even see the tech on the Samsung Galaxy S5
This app will let you read up to 900 words per minute

Spritz's text-streaming tech is the brainchild of a Boston-based startup of the same name, and seemingly uses witchcraft to let you read at incredible speeds. 

Somehow, just by highlighting one letter - which Spritz calls the "optimal recognition point" - in each word within a 13-character space, the app gets your brain to instantly identify and understand the word's meaning. Again, witchcraft. 

Why haven’t we heard of the app till now? Seems like Spritz went into “stealth mode”, and has been developing this tech under the radar for three years. You might think it’s a bunch of BS, but supposedly trial subjects were able to read and comprehend up to 900 words per minute.

Seeing is believing, and you can try it out yourself at Spritz's own webpage before rounding up an angry mob with pitchforks for your witch hunt. There's a simple demo that’ll help you understand just how it works, and believe us, it's pretty fascinating. 

The tech hasn’t reached any platform beyond Spritz's homepage thusfar, but you could be seeing it in various devices soon. According to Spritz, it's planning to launch the app together with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear2 - due April of this year - so we’ll just have to wait till those two devices hit our shores to really see how useful Spritz could be.

Source: Spritz

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