Spotify for Android is newer, slicker, faster, stronger

The music streaming giant leaves its Android beta label behind and serves up its latest updated app in the Google Play Store

Spotify has announced that its Android app has shed its beta status and can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store for all Android users to enjoy.

Featuring an all-new user interface which includes hi-res album artwork for pixel-packed displays, the new Spotify for Android app also gives you the ability to listen to songs in 'Extreme' mode which pumps 320Kbit/s of audio into your ears, though we'd watch your data plan if we were you.

The new Spotify app also has crossfade and gapless playback settings and arrives with a widget which lets you take charge of what's playing directly from your homescreen. scrobbling rounds off the feature list, and if you fancy getting your Android smartphone loaded up with your favourite tracks then visit the Google Play Store now and load it up. Happy listening.

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