SoundCloud joins the Sonos gang

Yes, you can now access the social music streaming service through your Sonos set-up...
The Sonos set-up

Sonos has signed up SoundCloud as part of its seemingly never-ending quest to integrate every music streaming service in the world.

As of today, Sonos users will be able to access the music-discovery-and-sharing platform through its various apps, giving them access to SoundCloud's many millions of tracks.

The service joins the likes of Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, Napster, Rdio and The Hype Machine in the Sonos gang, and will initially be available in beta form.

SoundCloud plays host to thousands of unknown artists as well as established bands, podcasts and more; with 12 hours of music added to the service every minute, there's certainly no shortage of content to listen to.

The new addition comes just a few weeks after Google Play Music was integrated, also in beta form, and a few months after Sonos launched its Universal Search function - enabling users to search for tracks across all of the services, and create playlists containing music from a variety of sources.

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