Sony’s PlayStation TV micro-console arrives on 14th October

But only in the US and Canada – Europeans will have to wait another month or so
Sony’s PlayStation TV micro-console arrives on 14th October

Sony has announced that its PlayStation TV device will be on sale from 14th October in the US and Canada – and has revealed a list of almost 700 games with which it’s compatible.

The PS TV is essentially a micro-console that opens up a variety of gaming possibilities for users. It has a PS Vita card slot, so you can insert Vita games on it (you can also download them directly to the PS TV, thanks to its memory card support). It lets you download and play classic PlayStation One and PSP games like Metal Gear Solid and Wipeout, too.

A European price of €99 has been set for the PS TV

But that’s not all. It’ll also support the PlayStation Now live game streaming service, meaning you can play a host of PS3 titles via your home broadband connection. Available games include The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls and God of War: Ascension.

And then there’s something for PlayStation 4 owners: Remote Play. Hook the PS TV up to a second TV in your house and you’ll be able to play your PS4 games on it, even if someone else is playing another game in the living room (yes, it’s the same Remote Play that you’ll find on the PS Vita and Sony’s latest batch of Xperia Android devices).

The PlayStation TV will cost US$100 (£60) standalone, or US$140 (£85) with a DualShock 3 controller and 8GB memory card. A UK price has not yet been confirmed by Sony, but we should know more before the European release date, which has been mooted for 14th November.

[Source: Sony PlayStation blog]

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