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Sony reveals super-fast, 4K ready a6300 CSC

World's fastest autofocus means you can't blame the camera for not catching blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments

0.05 seconds. That’s faster than your brain can make your muscles react – and it’s also how long Sony’s latest top-end CSC takes to focus.

The newly revealed a6300 slots in at the top of Sony’s APS-C sensor system cameras as an evolution of the a6000. It’s got a 24.2MP sensor paired with an insane 425 phase detect AF points, which means it’s able to focus on just bout anything you poinnt the lens at.

It’s super quick in other areas beyond mere focusing, with 11fps continuous shooting or 8fps shooting in Live View mode.

Video won’t be a problem either; it’ll shoot 4K clips with a full pixel readout and no pixel binning – basically what you see is what you get. It uses Sony’s high quality XAVC codec too, so the results should look fantastic. 1080p video can up the frame rate to 120fps for slow motion recording.

The a6300 keeps the same looks as the a6000, but is slightly trimmer. It’s still got an E-mount for Sony lenses, so there’s no shortage of glass to bolt on the front.

It keeps the OLED viewfinder as well as the tilting touchscreen, and has Wi-Fi and NFC for wireless uploads. It works with Sony’s PlayMemories app too, so you’ll be able to set up interval shooting and time lapse recordings from your smartphone.

There’s no word on a UK price just yet, but it should cost €1250 body only or €1400 with a 16/50mm kit lens when it arrives in Europe in March.