Sony releases Dot Switch teaser promising 'new entertainment'

It's not giving much away, but Sony promises a new form of entertainment is on the horizon

Sony is currently in the middle of a complete brand overhaul. Booting 'Ericsson' from its new Sony branded line of phones is testament to that.

Now, Sony has released a teaser video for "Dot Switch," touting what it's calling a form of "new entertainment".

It's a teaser, so is naturally cryptic in nature. What we can glean from the video, though, is that Sony wants to make the most of its ecosystem using smartphone control of multiple Sony devices. We see what looks like a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc being used to trigger music on a gramophone, a TV, confetti cannons and lighting to reveal a robotic arm lifting the cover of a small black box with the same circular interface as the phone.

While we're yet to see a Sony branded gramophone or confetti cannon, the video appears to be an obvious allusion to smartphone control of other devices, which could mean sharing content between devices, too.

But what about the black box, we hear you cry? A media hub perhaps? We're scratching our heads just as much as you are. All will become clear on February 21. Exciting.


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