Sony PlayStation 4 to be announced on February 20th?

An event where Sony wants to talk with investors and journalists “about the future of PlayStation” has just been announced

Sony, after a myriad of PS4 spec leaks, has announced an event where it plans to talk about “the future of PlayStation”. Invites have gone out to journalists and analysts for the February 20th event where it's expected we'll hear what the PlayStation 4 will be like inside and out – and maybe even get a go ourselves.

Until now the rumour mill has wafted words of an E3 announcement for the PS4 and Xbox 720, with Sony already saying it will let Microsoft go first. But this invite sounds like the Japanese gaming giant plans to go on the offensive with its release.

Unlike previous console announcements this is extra exciting as it comes while gaming is in flux. With portable button-bashing powerhouses like the Nvidia Shield and Razor Edge Pro tipped to change gaming as we know it, a new console is stepping into a very volatile world. But where the PS Vita fell flat on its face, perhaps a PS4 can make more of an impression.

[via Guardian]

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