Sony NEX-F3 leaks

A 16.1MP mirrorless camera from Sony is incoming if this leaked pic and specs prove accurate

Is this extreme close-up teaser the Sony NEX-F3 we’ve been hearing so little about? It looks that way from the big NEX-F3 and the confirmed 16.1MP sensor we’ve heard rumoured elsewhere.

This leaked image comes from photography buffs supposed to be taking product shots discreetly – thanks you cheeky chaps. So apart from a 16.1MP snapper, what else will the NEX-C3 replacement offer?

A tilting screen for one, and a built-in flash too, along with sensitivity of up to ISO 16,000. The only downside is Sony’s proprietary connector looks to be making a return, so don’t expect to hook your other accessories up if they’re not Sony. Check back for more details as they appear.

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