Sony launches action camera mount for your dog

Want to see life from a canine’s perspective? Sony has just the thing for you and your pooch

Want to see life from your dog’s perspective? Well, Sony has you covered with the AKA-DM1, a dog harness that allows you to affix the company’s own Action Cam to your pooch’s back.

The mount will fit larger dogs (those with a waistline of 50 to 80cm) and will be available in Japan for 5,250 yen (around £35). We do wonder whether it’ll be able to hold the camera straight enough to capture footage that doesn’t induce nausea when watched back – there’s no gyroscopic stabilisation or anything similar.

Stuff’s own Office Cat reacted to the news with dismay, demanding that Sony release a similar mount for his feline brethren in the Far East. But we suspect that if we attached one to him, all it would capture would be the sofa, a food bowl and the litter tray. The makings of an art film, perhaps?

[Sony Japan via Gizmodo]

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